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  • How fast do you ship?
    Shipping is dependent on current demand and the number of items purchased. Unless otherwise noted, orders typically ship within 1-3 weeks. In times of high demand orders can take longer to complete and ship.
  • Do you ship international?
    At this time we are not shipping internationally. We hope to add international shipping soon.
  • What are your pours made from?
    All items are made with .999+ silver unless otherwise noted or requested for a specific item
  • When will a specific item be in stock again?
    Due to the large number of designs we can create, unless otherwise noted on the specific item page, all items are and will remain made to order.
  • What does the antique finish look like?
    Here is an example of the antique finish. The silver is darkened to bring out the details.
  • What does the color tone look like?
    The color tone is a result of a chemical reaction between sulfur and silver. The color the silver takes on is dependent on several factors, and is a fairly random process. The final coloring of any piece will be a random combination of gold/yellow, red, and blue. We cannot guarantee any specific design is achieved.
  • What does the normal or polished finish look like?
    The normal, or polished, finish is a standard polished silver look.
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